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12oz Hot Sauce Gluten Free! - Choose Your Flavor! Lot of 1 (Free Shipping) - Product Image

12oz Hot Sauce Gluten Free! - Choose Your Flavor! Lot of 1 (Free Shipping)

12oz Hot Sauce in 3 Different Flavors!
 You will get ONE 12oz bottle of your choice

Our hot sauces are free from gluten, fat, peanuts, eggs, wheat, milk,

cholesterol, milk, seafood and soy
MEXICAN STYLE HOT SAUCE A standard red Mexican style hot sauce. Great flavor with a little heat. Fresh Cayenne chiles and spices mix to give you a great tasting, versatile sauce for all things South and North of the Border. HEAT INDEX: 4/10 (original Tabasco = 4/10)


LOUISIANA STYLE HOT SAUCE A basic Habanero hot sauce. This sauce also carries a good chile flavor and pours easy. Basic, fresh red hot sauce. Fresh Habanero, vinegar, and salt blend nicely and provide a versatile sauce good on many different types of cuisine. HEAT INDEX: 8/10

CAJUN STYLE HOT SAUCE A southern-style sauce with incredibly bold flavors and a nice heat level. A fantastic premium Cajun sauce amazing on just about anything breaded and fried, popcorn, eggs, and mac and cheese. Strong onion and garlic flavors. HEAT INDEX: 4/10

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