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12oz BBQ Sauce - Choose Your Flavor! Lot of 10 (Free Shipping) - Product Image

12oz BBQ Sauce - Choose Your Flavor! Lot of 10 (Free Shipping)

12oz BBQ Sauce in 3 Different Flavors!
 You will get Ten 12oz bottles of your choice
Our two BBQ sauces may contain wheat, gluten and soy

WHISKEY BBQ SAUCE This BBQ sauce has great flavor, and is more versatile than you might guess! Try with shrimp, burgers, chicken (of course), and even tofu! Great for marinades! This versatile sauce works for basting, grilling, smoking, dipping, and anything else you use BBQ sauce for. Covers the BBQ basics and adds a gourmet depth of flavor. HEAT INDEX: 4/10

CHICAGO STYLE MUSTARD SAUCE This unique sauce contains all the fixings that are on a Chicago style hot dog in a bottle! Just like a fully loaded Chicago Hot Dog! All ingredients are blended to perfection making every bite the perfect bite! HEAT INDEX: 2/10

CAROLINA BBQ SAUCE A traditional Carolina BBQ sauce made with a vinegar and mustard base. Pour it on and enjoy a taste of the south. This sweet and tangy combination of flavors will bring out the best in any barbequed foods. Perfect for smoked or grilled chicken and pork with a side of grits. HEAT INDEX: 2/10

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